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Do you have magazines with ads or articles that you think will be useful? Send them to us! Please save them on CDROM or provide a way to FTP the information and email us so we can make arrangements to receive it.

Please use these guidelines when scanning materials:

·  Scan at 100% and 150-300dpi. Make sure you scan the whole page.
·  Make sure you provide the magazine page(s) and date of the magazine.
·  Scan in full color unless the whole page is in black and white, in which case 256 levels of black and white is ok.
·  Make sure you use your scanners “descreen” feature that will remove the “moray” effect that scanning printed material will create. Generally using the “magazine” setting will work, but some lower end publications may require the “news paper” setting.

Thank you for your interest and support!

- The Team!

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